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Study Guides 101
Night Vocabulary


Anne Frank
Julius Caesar

Night/Holocaust Vocabulary

Night Vocabulary

  1. lament to mourn
  2. encumbered hindered
  3. cabbala philosophy of rabbis (Jewish mystism)
  4. lorries wagons
  5. Pentecost holiday of Easter
  6. phylacteries religious leather (Tefillin)
  7. hermetically air tight
  8. truncheons stick that police use
  9. cauldrons large kettle or boiler
  10. lucidity clearness of thought or style
  11. voracious greedy in eating
  12. dregs least desirable
  13. harangued to address in an informal speech
  14. treatise tale, an account
  15. queue line of people
  16. billeted quartered
  17. ghettos section of restriction
  18. pestilential deadly
  19. crematories place where bodies were burned
  20. annihilate destroy completely
  21. Kapo inmate that heads the barracks
  22. Gestapo Hitlers secret police
  23. genocide extermination of a cultural or racial group


Holocaust Vocabulary

  1. anti-Semitism hatred against any person of Jewish descent.
  2. Holocaust signifies the time period when 11 million total individuals were killed in World War II by the Nazis. (Systematic destruction of Jews and anyone else who dont conform to Hitlers belief dissidents, Jehovah witnesses, Gypsies, and homosexuals.)
  3. genocide extermination of nation of whole population because of racial, national, ethnic, or political or religious differences.
  4. prejudice an attitude of closed-mindedness which allows a person to prejudice another negatively without any knowledge of that person. Prejudice is based on emotion, not on reason or fact. It is the hatred one feels towards another person for no concrete reason.
  5. bigotry an intolerance of conduct or attitude against anyone with a different view.
  6. stereotype a basic form of prejudice. It is a generally accepted opinion or fixed notion of a person that is believed without investigation. It generalizes a persons character by labeling him/her, refusing to view a person as an individual, only as a type of person.
  7. racism a hatred of all the members of a particular race or ethnic group because of the stereotypical characteristics associated with that race or group. It is an extreme, often violent, form of prejudice that disregards the individual qualities of the members of the hated group.
    1. *When stereotyping and prejudice reaches violence and hatred, it is racism.
  8. scapegoat a person or group who is unjustly blamed for the general problems affecting their society. The act of blaming this innocent victim is known as scapegoating. The scapegoat is the target of hatred and violence.
  9. Aryan (real definition) a member of the prehistoric people that spoke Indo-European.
  10. Aryan (Nazi definition)
    1. Superior Aryan blue eyes, blond hair, born in Germany.
    2. Aryan born in Germany, no Jewish ancestry.
    3. Non-Aryan Polish, or Hungarian (not Jewish), not born in Germany.
    4. Jews undesirable.
  11. bystanders those who watched indifferently and took no action.
  12. perpetrators the Nazis and those who collaborated with them.
  13. victims Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, dissidents (artists, writers, clergy, politicians and citizens opposed to Hitlers policies) and anyone who did not fit within the concept of a master race.
  14. The Righteous non-Jews who defied the bureaucratic orders of the Nazis to aid/save another human being.
  15. Ethnocentric
    1. Having race as a central interest
    2. Characterized by or based on the attitude that ones own group is superior.


Other Vocabulary

  1. Adolf Hitler Führer, dictator of Germany. Popular leader who stirs up the people by appealing to their emotions of prejudice. Chancellor 1933. President 1934. Demagogue and tyrant who obtained power by appealing to emotions and prejudice of masses.
  2. Heinrich Himmler Head of SS.
  3. Adolph Eichmann Devised plan for Final Solution (gassing).
  4. Rudolf Hess Commander of Auschwitz.
  5. Dr. Mengele Angel of Death doctor who performed the brutal unnecessary experiments on prisoners.
  6. Aryan Race Pure Germanic race, used by the Nazis to suggest a superior, non-Jewish Caucasian typified by height, blonde hair, blue eyes.
  7. Third Reich 3rd Republic of Germany which began with Hitlers rule in 1933 and ended in defeat in 1945.
  8. SS Shutz Staffel (defense echelon) established 1929 as Hitlers bodyguards.
  9. Gestapo Secret Police (1933) to uncover and undermine political opposition.
  10. Dachau Concentration camp used as a model of death camps.
  11. Auschwitz Largest concentration camp in Poland.
  12. Theresiendstadt Model camp used to deceive Red Cross (many artists lived there).
  13. The Final Solution Plan 1941 to speed up the killing of Jewish undesirables gas.
  14. selection who would live or die.
  15. Judenrat Ghetto was governed by men (Jewish) appointed by Nazis. They had to make choiceless decisions, because Judenrats represented the Jewish interests to their German Masters, while passing on German demands to Jewish victims. They tried to outwit the enemy to alleviate the awful conditions of the ghetto day by day.

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