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Study Guides 101
Brutus Character Analysis Prewrite


Anne Frank
Julius Caesar

He didn't realize that he was manipulated into the conspiracy (N)
He didn't want to be a butcher and kill Antony p. 61-63 (H)
He thought Antony was gamesome p. 15 and 63 (H)
He would rather commit suicide than be paraded through the streets of Rome p. 187 (H)
He felt that taking bribes and supporting criminals was wrong p. ? (H)
He was vexed over killing his best friend p. 15 (L)
He thought that if the conspiracy involved Rome, he would die for Rome p. 19 (L)
He would rather be a villager than not save Rome p. 23 (L)
He thought all of the conspirators' motives were pure p.167 (N)
He killed his best friend p. 99 (L)
He couldn't sleep or eat p. 67 and 171 (L)
He was willing to make sick men whole, and make whole men sick p. 73 (L)
He let Antony live p. 61-63 (N)
He didn't let Cicero into the conspiracy p. 59-61 (N)
He wanted to march to Philippi p.165-167 (N)
He let Antony speak at the funeral p. 111 (N)
He killed himself for Rome p. 207 (L)
He vetoed the oath because he thought everyone had pure motives p. 57 (N)
He sent his legions to fight too early p. 189 (N)
"...That lowliness is young ambition's ladder..." p. 51 (L)
"... kill him in his shell..." p. 51 (L)
He called Cassius "the last of all the Romans" p. 209 (N)
He said their motives were pure p. 167 (N)
He calls Antony "but a limb of Caesar" p. 61 (N)
He says, "Remember March, the ides of March remember..." p. 151 (N)
Portia said he wasn't sleeping or eating p. 67 (L)
Casca thought he was the richest alchemy p. 45 (H)
Cassius said he could manipulate Brutus p. 33 (N)
Antony calls him "the noblest Roman of them all" p. 209 (H)
Clitus, Dardanus, and Volumnius loved him, so they wouldn't kill him p. 203-205 (H)
Cassius thought that Brutus was honorable p. 33 (H)
Cassius felt marching to Philippi was a bad idea p. 165 (N)
Cassius thought that he was an abler soldier than Brutus p. 151 (N)
H - honorable
N - naive/poor strategist
L - love for Rome